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        Impact Crusher

        Impact Crusher

        Introduction of impact crusher:
        The impact crusher is abbreviated as "impact crusher". The FKF series impact crusher produced by Phoenix Mining Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. can process materials with a side length of less than 600 mm. It has a compressive strength of up to 350 MPa and a large crushing ratio. After crushing, the material has the advantages of cubic particles. Counterattack is widely used in construction materials, ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, transportation, energy, cement, mining, chemical and other industries for medium and fine crushed materials, the size of the discharge size can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications are diverse. Especially for the operation of fluid stone materials in highways, railways, hydropower projects, etc., a variety of configuration forms can be adopted according to the types of raw materials processed, the scale and the requirements of finished materials.
        The principle of impact crusher:
        When the counterattack breaking equipment works, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed. When the material enters the plate hammer action area, it collides with the plate hammer on the rotor and is crushed, and then thrown to the counterattack device to be broken again, and then from the counterattack liner It rebounds back to the action area of ??the hammer and re-crushes. This process is repeated. The materials enter the first, second, and third counter-attack chambers from large to small and are repeatedly crushed until the material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged through the discharge port.
        Characteristics of impact crusher:
        1. The impact feed inlet is large, the crushing cavity is high, the material is suitable for high hardness, large block, and little stone powder;
        2. The structure is compact, the machine has strong rigidity, and the rotor has a large rotational inertia;
        3. The gap between the impact plate and the hammer can be easily adjusted and effectively control the discharge particle size and particle shape;
        4. Keyless connection, convenient maintenance, economic and reliable;
        5. High chromium hammer, anti-impact, anti-wear, high impact force;
        6. Complete crushing function, high productivity, low wear of machine parts, and high comprehensive benefit.
        Counterattack crusher parameters:
        Rotor Size
        Feed Opening
        Max Feed Size
        Discharge Size
        FKF-130 Φ1280×1340 500×1360 200 ≤60 160-220 200 19.9
        FKF-150 Φ1540×1500 504×1530 300 ≤60 320-380 315 30
        FKF-180 Φ1600×1800 550×1800 350 ≤60 350-450 500 40.3
        FKF-200 Φ1800×2000 650×2000 600 ≤80 600-750 700 65
        Note: Parameters are subject to update without notice, please contact us.

        Picture of counterattack crusher:

        Download of impact crusher product samples:
        Impact crusher product samples

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