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        Gyratory crusher

        Gyratory crusher

        Introduction of Gyratory Crusher:
        The FKH gyratory crusher produced by Phoenix Mining Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. utilizes the gyratory movement of the crushing cone in the cone cavity of the shell to produce squeezing, splitting and bending effects on the material to coarsely crush ore or rock of various hardness The large crushing machine is a kind of cone crusher, mainly used for coarse crushing of ore. The upper end of the main shaft equipped with the crushing cone is supported in the bushing in the middle of the beam, and the lower end is placed in the eccentric hole of the bushing. When the sleeve rotates, the crushing cone makes an eccentric rotation movement around the center line of the machine. Its crushing action is continuous, so the working efficiency is higher than that of the jaw crusher.
        Gyratory crusher principle:
        The gyratory crusher uses two methods to adjust the discharge port and overload insurance: one is to use a mechanical method, the upper end of the main shaft has an adjustment nut, rotate the adjustment nut, the crushing cone can fall or rise, so that the discharge port follows When it becomes larger or smaller, when it is overloaded, it can be secured by cutting off the safety pin on the transmission pulley; the second is the hydraulic gyratory crusher with hydraulic method, the main shaft of which is located on the plunger in the hydraulic cylinder, changing the plunger The volume of hydraulic oil can change the up and down position of the crushing cone, thus changing the size of the discharge port. When overloaded, the downward pressure of the main shaft increases, forcing the hydraulic oil under the plunger to enter the accumulator in the hydraulic transmission system, so that the crushing cone is lowered to increase the discharge port, and discharge the non-flooding material into the crushing cavity Broken objects (iron, wood, etc.) to achieve insurance.
        Gyratory crusher features:
        1. The depth of the crushing chamber is large, the work is continuous, the production capacity is high, and the unit power consumption is low. Compared with the jaw crusher with the same width of the feed hole, its production capacity is more than double that of the latter, and the power consumption per ton of ore is 50%-80% lower than that of the jaw crusher.
        2. The work is stable, the vibration is light, and the basic quality of the machine equipment is small. The basic quality of the gyratory crusher; usually 2-3 times the mass of the machine equipment, while the basic quality of the jaw crusher is 5-10 times the mass of the machine itself.
        3. It can be packed with ore, and the large-scale gyratory crusher can directly feed the raw ore without adding an ore bin and an ore feeder.
        4. The gyratory crusher is easy to start, and does not require auxiliary tools such as flywheels. Now the advanced large-scale gyratory crusher can already start with a full load.
        5. The flake product produced by the gyratory crusher is less than that of the jaw crusher.
        6. The initial cost is higher, but from a long-term perspective, the overall benefit is higher than the jaw crusher.
        Gyratory crusher parameters:
        Model Feed Opening
         Max. Feed Size
        Nominal Width Of
        Discharge Opening(mm)
        Bottom Diameter Of Mainshaft(mm) Adjustable Range Of Discharge Opening(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t)
        (Excluding Motor)
        FKH1040 1040 800 140 1600 140-175 1600-2350 315 127.9
        FKH1210 1210 1000 150 1640 150-175 2200-2750 355 155.8
        FKH1400 1400 1200 150 2200 150-200 2550-3380 450 246.3
        FKH1600 1600 1350 150 2500 150-200 2580-3700 450 304.6
        FKH1665 1600 1350 165 2500 165-230 4050-5530 600 389.6
        Note: Parameters are subject to update without notice, please contact us.

        Picture of Gyratory Crusher:
        Gyratory crusher

        Gyratory crusher product sample download:
        Rotary crusher product sample

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