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        Vibration feeder

        Vibration feeder

        Introduction of vibrating feeder:
        The vibrating feeder is also called "vibrating feeder", its function is to be able to feed blocky and granular materials from the storage bin evenly, regularly and continuously to the receiving device by vibrating. (Including some crushing equipment, such as jaw breaking, hammer breaking and other head breaking equipment). It can continuously and evenly feed the crushing equipment in the major sand and gravel production lines, and can perform coarse screening work on the materials. It is widely used in crushing and screening industries such as metallurgy, coal preparation, infrastructure, building materials, chemical industry, abrasives, etc. In joint equipment.
        Features of vibrating feeder:
        1. The vibration is stable and the work is reliable;
        2. The gap of the grid is adjustable;
        3. There are many wear parts;
        4. Special grid design can prevent material from being blocked;
        5. Prevent wear parts from being worn by small materials, separate small materials and increase output;
        6. Optional frequency conversion motor can be installed to adjust the frequency, thereby changing the output, easy to control the amount of feed, without frequently starting the motor;
        7. High starting frequency
        (1) Consider the entire production line to ease the pressure of jaw breaking and counterattack breaking;
        (2) Avoid frequently starting high-power equipment.
        Vibration feeder parameters:
        Model Feed Trough Size
        Maximum Feeding Size(mm)  Processing Power(t/h)  Eccentric Shaft Speed(r/min)  Motor Power(kw) Weight(t) 
        (Without Motor) 
        FKZG 300×90 3000×900 450 40-100 ---- 2×2.2 2.64 3050×1430×1550
        FKZG 370×100 3700×1000 500 100-150 ---- 2×3.7 3.69 4250×1874×1130
        FKZG 430×120 4300×1200 650 200-400 ---- 2×5.5 4.2 4955×2206×1120
        FKZ-380×96 3800×960 500 100-160 500-714 11 4.2 3882×1684×1340
        FKZ-490×110 4900×1100 630 120-280 500-800 15 5.5 4957×2400×2150
        FKZ-590×110 5900×1100 630 200-350 750 22 6.1 6000×2500×2150
        FKZ-600×130 6000×1300 750 400-560 500-800 30 7.8 6082×2580×2083
        FKZ-600×150 6000×1500 800 460-575 500-800 30 8.7 6086×2662×2186
        FKZ-600×180 6000×1800 800 600-800 500-800 37 11.8 6310×3262×2230
        Note: Parameters are subject to update without notice, please contact us.

        Product pictures of vibrating feeder:

        Vibration feeder

        Vibrating feeder product sample download:
        Vibration feeder product samples

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