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        Sand making machine

        Sand making machine

        Introduction of vertical shaft impact sand making machine:
        Vertical shaft impact sand making machine is a fine crushing machine that uses the principle of impact and grinding. It is designed with advanced technology to achieve a high level and can be applied to different working conditions (generally except for multi-water adhesive materials, all The best results can be achieved through preliminary experiments. The conditions are particularly effective for hard and brittle materials. It is also an effective way for high-hardness and high-abrasive materials. It will provide a uniform, balanced, strong cubic particle shape and uniform particle size. Matching material products. It is especially suitable for modern engineering, water conservancy, construction, mining and other industries to the construction requirements of artificial sand, concrete, ore dressing and crushing. If the user can carry out reasonable regular inspection and maintenance, this model can be safely operated for many years. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, large processing capacity, high sand formation rate, good product shape, etc. It is flexibly equipped with "stone-rock" and "stone-iron" cavity types to meet the requirements of different working conditions.
        Working principle of vertical shaft impact sand making machine:
        When the vertical axis sand making machine is in operation, the material enters the crusher through the feed hopper, falls onto the material distribution tray through the bulk material cone, and is divided into two parts by the material distribution tray. A part enters the spinning wheel rotating at a high speed from the middle of the distribution tray, is rapidly accelerated in the spinning wheel, and then is ejected from the flow channel of the spinning wheel at high speed, and the other parts of the material falling around the distribution tray are impacted and crushed, and then hit the crushing cavity together. After being rebounded, the material lining hits the top of the crushing chamber obliquely upwards, and then changes its direction and moves downwards. The material emitted from the wheel runner forms a continuous material curtain. In this way, a piece of material is subjected to multiple impacts, Broken by friction and grinding. The crushed material leaves the crushing cavity under the action of gravity and enters the lower casing discharge hopper to discharge.
        Vertical shaft impact sand making machine features:
        1. Double motor drive, strong power and higher output;
        2. It is easy to exchange stone-making sand and stone-making sand, and only need to change the material rack and the host pulley for sand-making and granulation;
        3. Adopt independent hydraulic lifting device, it is more convenient to replace the backing lining and the inner and outer cutters of the rotor, and reduce downtime;
        4. Different number of rotors to meet different process requirements;
        5. The rare lubrication system ensures good heat dissipation of the bearing and a longer service life;
        6. The optional accessory vibration sensor can effectively detect the internal vibration of the host, which is convenient for users to judge whether the host is in normal working state.
        Vertical shaft impact sand making machine parameters:
        Max Feed Size
        Impeller Speed
        FKL-850 40 1230-1560 200-330 200*2(132*2、160*2、220*2) 11.4
        FKL-850F 40 1230-1560 200-330 200*2(132*2、160*2、220*2) 14
        FKL-850L 40 1230-1560 240-400 200*2(132*2、160*2、220*2) 11.5
        FKL-1000 50 1070-1310 280-540 220*2(160*2、200*2、250*2) 14
        FKL-1000F 50 1070-1310 280-540 220*2(160*2、200*2、250*2) 16.6
        FKL-1000L 50 1070-1310 330-620 220*2(160*2、200*2、250*2) 14.1
        FKL-1200 60 940-1100 380-660 250*2(200*2、220*2、280*2) 15.7
        FKL-1200F 60 940-1100 380-660 250*2(200*2、220*2、280*2) 18.2
        FKL-1200L 60 940-1100 460-760 250*2(200*2、220*2、280*2) 15.8
        FKL-1250 150 745-1050 500-700 250*2(220*2、280*2) 23.1
        Note: Parameters are subject to update without notice, please contact us.

        Product Picture of Vertical Shaft Impact Sand Making Machine:
        Vertical shaft impact sand making machine

        Vertical shaft impact sand making machine product sample download:
        Vertical shaft impact sand making machine product sample


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