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        Counterattack crusher case

        Counterattack crusher case

        The following is an on-site case of Guizhou 800t/h limestone crushing production line:
        1. Stone type: limestone
        2. The output is about 800 tons per hour (double-line design, to achieve cost control when using high and low peak materials)
        3. Model and quantity of main crushing equipment:
        Two FKZ vibrating feeders and two FKE jaw crushers are used for the first crushing;
        For the second breaking, 4 FKF150 impact crushers are used for medium and fine breaking;
        The vibrating screening equipment adopts 2 F3YK2475 vibrating screens and 2 4YK2475 vibrating screens. The entire production line will use 4 gzg1253 suspended feeders for material conveying operations.
        The following is the site diagram of the limestone crushing production line:
        Jaw rupture site
        Impact Crusher

        Counterattack the scene

        Live video of limestone crushing production line:

        Process description of limestone crushing production line:
        The limestone material is transported to the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, and the material crushed by the jaw crusher is transported by the belt conveyor to the second crushing impact crushing for medium and fine crushing, and the stone is transported after crushing through the impact crushing To the circular vibrating screen screening equipment to screen the stone particle size, the materials smaller or larger than the screen aperture are screened and transported according to the design plan. For the detailed process, please consult the production line process design engineer of Phoenix Mining Equipment Co., Ltd.
        Advantages of production line case:
        This limestone crushing production line will bring good benefits to customers. It has not only passed environmental protection evaluation, but also has reasonable site design, low investment cost, high degree of automation in operation, and does not require too much labor. The finished sand and gravel aggregates have full specifications, uniform particle size, and needle Few flakes. If there are some problems in the operation of the production line, our company will dispatch technicians to solve them in time, which will effectively shorten the equipment downtime, and our company will provide technical training to on-site operators so that they can easily deal with some common problems in the operation. For more details on the production line, please consult the website customer service or call the sales service hotline.

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